Commonly Asked Questions About
The Portable Power 1800
Solar Backup Generator

Q: What exactly is the Portable Power 1800 Solar Backup Generator?

A: The Portable Power 1800 Solar Generator is an electric generator which will provide up to 1800 watts of household electricity (3600 watts peak). That’s enough to run almost any electronic product or appliance you might connect to your wall outlet at home.

It’s packaged in an almost indestructible housing that contains a massive 100 Amp battery. The battery is sealed, maintenance-free and stores 12 volt electrical energy that is automatically converted (by state-of-the-art electronics) to household power. There are two AC outlets, 2 DC outlets and 2 USB outlets.

Q: Is it a generator?

A: Yes. The solar panels generate electricity (from natural sunlight) and store it in the battery pack for use when you need it.

Q: Is it noisy?

A: Not at all. The Portable Power 1800 runs whisper silent... producing no noise whatsoever.

Q: Is it safe to use indoors?

A: Absolutely. Unlike gas or diesel-powered generators, the Portable Power 1800 does not emit any fumes or deadly carbon monoxide. The unit is completely sealed and can be placed anywhere in your house. It’s a safe, reliable and convenient source of electrical power that can be used as a backup in emergencies... or... for everyday use.

Q: What can I run with it?

A: Almost any AC, DC or USB-powered device.

However, for maximum run times and performance, appliances that require exceptional amounts of power are best to avoid if possible. Examples include: central air conditioners, heat pumps, electric hot water heaters, electric clothes dryers, electric ranges and electric space heaters.

Q: How much cable does the unit come with?

A: It comes with 50 feet of cable... which... is more than enough for outside use or outside to inside a house or other dwelling.

Q: Is it portable and easy to move around?

A: Yes, very. It weighs only 120 pounds, has lifting handles at both ends, a collapsible, luggage-style handle ... and... rugged 7 1/2 inch wheels which make moving the unit around a snap.

Q: Will leaving the generator plugged into the solar panel increase the run time?

A: Yes, but your results will vary depending on where you are, the time of year and how much available sunlight you have on any particular day.

Q: If power goes out for several days, will the act of plugging the refrigerator into the unit for just a few hours each day, combined with the act of having the solar panel constantly recharging the unit, allow for effective cold/frozen food preservation?

A: Yes. This is the strategy we highly recommend in an emergency. As you know, your refrigerator doesn't run all the time anyway. Simply run your refrigerator for two hours plugged into the solar generator and then unplug it for two hours and keep repeating this process for as long as necessary. This works great!

Q: Can I charge the generator and use it at the same time?

A: Yes. Since the solar panels connect to the Portable Power 1800 with the included DC socket, your household AC appliances can be run from it at the same time. This feature allows you to use the generator continuously to drop electric bills!

Q: How easy is the system to set up? Will it require an electrician?

A: It is very easy to set up. No electrician needed. Since it’s a stand-alone system, all you have to do is just roll the solar panels outside, and then plug them into the generator. That's it!

Q: Does weather affect my power system?

A: The Portable Power 1800 is designed to be used outdoors, however, it should be kept out of direct exposure to rain, sunlight and snow. Keeping it in a cool, dry place will radically increase the lifespan and capabilities of the unit. The solar panels—which will operate efficiently at temperatures from -40 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit—should be put into direct sunlight.

Q: Can I hook several of these together?

A: No. The units are self-contained and are designed to operate independently.

Q: Is the battery a lead acid/battery?

A: Yes. The battery is a sealed, non-spillable, lead/acid gel battery. This type of battery was actually designed for the military so fighter pilots could fly upside down without worrying about leakage.

Q: Do you carry a 240-volt system for other countries?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee?

A: The unit comes with a 90-day warranty on the Portable Power 1800. The way it works is... if the generator fails at any time, for any reason, in the first 90 days of use, give us a call for a return merchandise authorization number. The same deal applies for the solar panels... except... they come with a full 20 year warranty. You can add an additional 2 years of warranty coverage on your Portable Power 1800 during checkout.

Portable Power 1800 Specifications




Input Voltage Range

10.7 - 15.5 VDC

Rated Input Voltage

12.5 VDC

Maximum Input Current

190 A

Output Voltage (at no load)

120 VAC / ±5 VAC

Output Frequency

60 Hz / ±1 Hz

Continuous Output Power

1440 W

Maximum Output Power

1800 W

Continuous Output Current

12 A

Surge Rating

3600 W

Surge Current

30 A

Output Waveform

Modified Sine Wave

Inverter Output Efficiency

> 85%


Storage Temperature

Ideal operating temperature is less than 77°F(25°C)



Eight 30 A / 32 VDC fuses protect- ing the DC input terminal

Built-in Charger


AC Input charger

AC Input Voltage Range

90 - 130 VAC

Rated AC Input Voltage

120 VAC

Maximum Charging Power

80 W /±10 W

AC Input Frequency

60 Hz /± 1 Hz


Output Voltage


14.7 VDC /± 0.2 VDC


13.7 VDC /± 0.2 VDC


12.6 VDC /± 0.2 VDC


Charging Process

Three-Stage Charging Process:

  1. Bulk Stage
  2. Absorption Stage
  3. Float Stage

Exchange Efficiency

> 75%



High temperature, input-limited

Solar Charger


Solar charger

Solar Input Voltage Range

10 - 24.5 VDC

Maximum Output Current

20 A


Output Voltage


14.7 VDC /± 0.2 VDC


13.7 VDC /± 0.2 VDC


12.6 VDC /± 0.2 VDC


Charging Process

Three-Stage Charging Process:

  1. Bulk Stage
  2. Absorption Stage
  3. Float Stage

Exchange Efficiency

> 95%



One 20 A / 32 VDC fuse protecting
the DC input terminal

Battery Operating Time/ Run Times

Working time of load: using 100 Ah battery as example
(these data are for reference only).

Office area


Operating time

Laptop computer

65 W

15 Hrs

17” LCD Monitor

35 W

28 Hrs

Mobile telephone

2.5 W

360 Hrs

Table lamp (40 W)

40 W

22 Hrs

Emergency area

13” CRT TV

50 W

18 Hrs

20” LCD TV

370 W

2 Hrs

Home area

18 cu. ft. fridge

120 W

7 Hrs


1000 W

35 min

Coffee Maker

1200 W

30 min

Remember, this offer is only good for the next 7 days or until our limited supply of 11 units sell out... whichever comes first!

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